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Corona Virus has been a plague in China that causes at least a dozen people to die and hundreds of infected. It became a serious threat to the people who wanted to travel abroad, especially to China. However, what exactly is a coronavirus? Reported on the Health Line page, Thursday (23/1), ' Corona ' has the meaning of the crown. "So this virus appears to be a crown when viewed under an electron microscope, said the infectious disease specialist at St. Jude Medical Center in Placentia, California, Bhanu Sud, MD.

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Sud said, most coronaviruses are actually harmless. The virus usually causes mild to moderate upper respiratory tract disease, such as ordinary flu. Most people will be infected with this virus at some point in their lives.

However, he stressed, although the prospect is good for most people infected with this type of virus, the SARS and MERS viruses are more serious. The rate of his death is about 10 percent for people with SARS and 30 percent for those who have a MERS variant.

According to doctor Infectious Diseases of Texas, Nikhil Bhayani, who is not known today is a new type of this virus. They are testing to find out what type of virus this is and whether it is more similar to SARS or MERS. "I have a strong feeling that this will be a new virus," he explained. Quite alarming thing, the Korona virus is contagious easily and quickly. According to Sud, the most common human korona virus is contagious from an infected person to someone else through the air with cough and sneezing. Therefore, Sud suggests minimizing personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands, touching objects or surfaces with viruses on it, then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes before washing your hands. "In the United States, people are usually infected with a corona human virus in the fall and winter season. However, infections can occur at any time of the year. Most people will be infected with one or more of the coronavirus in their lifetime, he added. Sud warned, the plague of SARS and MERS that had exploded in the early decade of 2000, also spread from animal contact to humans. At SARS most likely, the virus is dispersed from contact with bats, and on MERS the virus is dispersed from contact with camels. "Because the infectious organism is a virus, until now, we do not have special antiviral medication," said Sud.

Characteristics and forms of Corona Yang like the crown

A disease similar to pulmonary infections, and caused by the Coronavirus to be a disease that raises world health problems starting in 2020. In fact, this virus is vines found also in Singapore and Thailand.

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Quoting from the Healthline page on Monday (25/1/2020), the disease Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a disease caused by the Coronavirus which included as one type of pneumonia disease first discovered in China in November 2002.

The World Health Organization or the WHO mentions the Corona Virus has infected hundreds of people since known to invade Wuhan, China.

Unknown, Corona Virus that spread from animal to human is now has a new name of Coronavirus Novel (2019-nCoV). Until now, the fatalities can not be confirmed in the Coronavirus attack on humans.

Coronavirus or Corona Virus has lethal power that can change as the widespread virus attack. Therefore, the World Health Organization or the WHO has been giving guidance and suggesting that the country is ready to face virus attacks.

While the data recorded by the World Health or the WHO, the most sufferer is adults over 65 years and people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders, and low immunity will be more prone to SARS, even can be exposed to severe complications to death. By that, you need to know coronavirus or coronavirus with symptoms or signs of infected people of the virus complained of sufferers such as:

Fever above 38 degrees Celsius, followed by a late

Body shaking

Muscle aches



Cough not with phlegm


Sore throat

In general, coronaviruses that cause this disease are derived from bats and civet. The disease will spread by air. But, it can also touch something that contains saliva, urine or feces sufferers.

In addition, other contacts such as hugs, kisses, eating together with sufferers touching various objects that have been touched by sufferers such as a doorknob, telephone, and elevator button can also be a medium of deployment SARS.

However, this disease can still be addressed by changes in lifestyle or treatment at home by performing the following steps:

Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and running water. It can also use alcohol-based soap such as hand sanitizer.

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.

Use masks, sunglasses, and gloves when you want to contact SARS people.

Avoid sustainable contact activities such as eating, drinking, using towels, or sleeping mattresses with anyone who is sick.

Follow the instructions during the healing process until it completely disappears.

Medication as recommended by the Doctor

Coronaviruses attack Anyone but the risk is greater in people with low endurance, e.g. young children and parents. Coronavirus attacks on people with weak immune systems can lead to more serious lower respiratory tract infections. Diseases caused by infections of the lower respiratory tract are pneumonia or bronchitis.

Unknown, MERS, SARS, and coronavirus Wuhan are now more commonly found in older people even though research is still continuing. Wuhan coronavirus patients are mostly over 40 years old and have not been found in children.

Signs of a high-risk person infected with Corona Virus outbreak

Maybe a lot of friends are asking why so many blogs were deleted by Google lately. Yes, the users of Blogspot platforms like me were pretty much was over this past month, because the intensity of this Blogspot elimination has not subsided at all.

Even blogs with their own domain are deleted, so what exactly is the result of this removal? Are blogs that are indicative of spam that will be removed by bloggers? So what is the basis of scoring a blog has entered the category of spam so it was removed by Google...?

From several sources including Mas Abu Kholid who is the admin of ittaqi-tafuzi.blogspot.com, I get a lot of input about the reasons for the removal made by Google. I tried to summarize it in the bullet points below.

12 reasons Google Removes a Blog

Reasons #1 Google Remove blogs for doing affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system where you get paid if an item or service from an affiliate network is sold by you. A lot of bloggers are trying to affiliate online businesses like this. Unfortunately, this violates the basic rules of Google if the link given is DoFollow.

Is there a way to still do affiliate marketing? It seems there is because I've read a statement from Google's own party, that they wouldn't mind the Affiliate business as long as the link of this affiliate marketing blog is nofollow and instead of DoFollow. So just try changing the nature of the link for prevention.

Reasons #2 Google Delete a Blog if transferring traffic to another Website/Blog

This transfer of traffic can be done with a meta refresh, and Google considers this to be "charging " blog visitors. So you should be careful to use various switching techniques because you can-can be considered cheating.

A secure redirect method is a permanent redirect 301. Unfortunately, the method of 301 can not be applied among the Blogspot let alone to other websites... It can only be between pages only.

Reasons #3 Google will remove a Blog that installs adult content paid ads

Mid-2013 this Google increasingly emphatically with blogs that display adult content, already many cases of blogs are deleted just because it advertises content 18 years and above. I myself do not know if only the pornographic material is meant, or a husband's product is also included if the Bannernya displays pornography.

Reasons #4 Blog deleted if using scripts to create content and not to hand

Nowadays more and more blogs with automatic content, whose quality is very low. Google considers these low-quality pages can affect the search results presented to the searchers, so it is deemed necessary to restrict automated blogs like this...

In addition to reducing the quality of search results, blogs like this pose duplicate content, so sometimes within a single page there are 2-3 actual results containing exactly the same material.

Reasons #5 Google Remove a Blog that references a Hacking account or Password spread

As we know that more and more blogs that contain materials containing passwords or how to hack accounts on premium sites that can only be accessed by those who pay. Google is also trying to combat things like this because it respects the intellectual rights of other website systems makers.

Reasons #6 Google Remove a Blog that deploys the method of using copyrighted Software

The same reason with point 5 above is to respect the intellectual rights of others. If friends do not understand the above language, then we simplify PIRACY.

Google really does not support any piracy activities within its products, as it is directly related to the corporate responsibility in the American legal system there. So if you want to make a blog containing pirated stuff..... Do not use Blogspot, because if met can be removed...

Reasons #7 Google Delete a Blog with referral activity (people Search)

Well, it gets PAID TO program.... or MLM, or project to find instant money, PTC, PTS, etc. do not get support from Google. Commercial referral blogs Like this should use a platform other than Blogspot because the blogger TOS does not approve content like this...

Reasons #8 Bloggers Remove blogs that tap content from other websites or blogs

This means it is an automated content blog too. But published content is not sourced from the script, but intercepted the RSS feeds from other blogs. We commonly call it Autoblog. Whether the content is copyrighted or not, still Google does not tolerate blogs like this.

Reasons #9 Google Remove a Blog that infringes copyright

Copyright here is not just an article. Images, videos, software, audio, etc. distributed through the blog without the permission of the copyright owner at risk of obtaining a complaint that if accepted by the Google DMCA takedown will result in deletion.

Reasons #10 great blogs with unfocused and unrelated mixed content

This one is completely new to me in breaking the TOS because nowadays many blog news-themed blogs have a very diverse label. In the last few years, Blogger doesn't seem to mind with blogs like this. But after these blogs are becoming great, one by one this blog is removed. The biggest Blogspot Gado-Gado is exposed to the blogger's sweep terselubung.blogspot.com with Alexa rank 15,000-an.....

The big traffic and positive signal visitors don't seem to affect Google's decision, because very few of these blog mixes are back online... This is actually the most surprising reason for me from all the other reasons... Maybe I still have to look for further explanation on why Google does not approve blogs like this.

Reasons #11 Google Remove Blog-Illegal blogs Download, Streaming and Torrents

It feels like I no longer need to explain this one point at length because friends must already know what is meant by illegal downloading, streaming and torrents of this. So if a brother's blog has content like this it's good to set up first before Google is in order... But if all the content like that, yes what can make..... Wish just escaped the...

Reasons #12 Google removes blogs that are looking for money from adult content

If your blog is currently making money from adult content, then you should be wary of using Blogspot, because Google will delete these blogs if you find them. Google mentions blogs like this as a spam blog...

So here are 12 reasons Google removes a blog with the Blogspot platform... The problem is the sheer number of issues circulating that blog over-optimization that is struck by Google's algorithm penguin will also bear fruit removal. If this issue is true, then this TMS blog will get into the list at risk since in April it had experimented on this one...

Another factor that can also be added is SEO CONTEST. Basically, this SEO contest is really breaking the TOS from Google, where many people put up a link to a site because of the thought of money and not the quality of that site. 

Google's own party already stated that this SEO contest is pursuing a keyword that there is indeed a search so that it could affect the quality of searches and Google disagree with such things. Mid-July yesterday, quite a lot of blogs SEO contest is deleted and it becomes a good signal for the Blogspot users who hooked join the contest...

12 Reasons Why Blogs Are Deleted By Google Unilaterally

How to improve the quality of the content? Great content is one of the success factors that create a campaign.

The most brilliant strategy supported by even the most advanced marketing technologies will fail to reach the goal if your content is not optimized for conversion.

However, it often happens, creators fail to distinguish between content created for a page and content designed to increase conversion rates.

To help you create great content, here are 4 ways that will improve your content.

  • Know your Audience

Knowing your audience is a requirement for every marketing campaign.

And perhaps because this eternal marketing rule has embedded in the minds of marketers for so long, too many marketing actors are accepting it for just that.

Others fail to appreciate that different audience segmentation targets will respond to content differently.

Let's say you sell a professional cake tool, and your target audience consists of two main segments: Amateur bread maker and professional bread maker.

You might be tempted to write the same article touting the benefits of your baking tool for both segments. But you won't be writing content that's optimized for conversions.

Amateur bread makers may want to hear more about how reliable and easy it is to use your cake products.
While experienced professional bread makers may be more interested in the technical features that talk about how sophisticated or versatile your products are compared to competitors.
Both audience segments are attracted to the same product, but your content must be tailored to each group's unique needs, interests, or goals.

  • Follow trending Online & Offline

The best way to make your content seen by as many customers as possible is to follow a big trend of any popular – as long as it's relevant.

Many companies increase their social media presence by commenting on current events, especially on Twitter, but you can take it further and integrate trends in an article or post.

Take every opportunity to make your brand a part of the chat, but be sure to avoid controversial topics or messages.

  • Don't just focus on selling

When users come to your site, they want value, not ads.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with mentioning your product or service if they are relevant to the topic.

You can create content beyond what you sell to keep your customers unsaturated with your posts.

  • Focus on the title

The headline is the most important element of your content when it comes to attracting readers ' attention.

The title is not only interesting but should also accurately reflect the main theme of the article in a way that optimizes CTR.

No wonder many writers spend a lot of time researching different versions of the titles.

So how do I write a title to improve CTR? Here are some of his tips!

Use numbers and statistics whenever possible.
Tell the reader, but don't give it all.
Use the Tools to analyze the titles you'll be using.
Do not use clickbait. Because it can make your credit worse.

4 Best Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Content

Getting visitors is one of the most important things for any Webmaster. What's more, you can't get visitors only once and then reap many advantages. Getting visitors is a routine job and you have to constantly do it if you want to get visitors. Here are 10 ways to get free visitors:

1. Optimize your site for Search engines

Search engines are always the main way to get visitors for free. That's why you need to do your homework and optimize your site so that it gets a good ranking for the keywords you're targeting. SEO is still the most powerful way to get visitors for free and you really need to spend some time in your site optimization efforts. SEO is not as difficult as you could imagine.

2. Update your site content periodically

If you expect some great secrets to be revealed in this article, you might be a little disappointed. One of the first steps in getting visitors for free is that it seems trivial but important, i.e. getting weighted content and often updating it. In terms of SEO, content is king. If your content is nice and frequently updated, you will not only build a loyal visitor who comes to see what's new, but search engines will also love your site.

3. Take advantage of Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites are another powerful way to get a tip for free. If you want to learn how to do it, read the article on how to get visitors from Social Bookmarking sites, there will be explained what to do if you want to get free visitors from sites like Digg, Delicious, and others.

4. Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts

Social networking is a way to get visitors for free. If you're popular on social networks, like Twitter or Facebook, visitors you get from there can easily transcend visitors from Google and other search engines. It's true that building a large network of followers on Twitter and Facebook takes time and effort but usually delivers satisfactory results.

5. Retrieve links from other sites that are similar to your field

Another way to get a tip for free is from another site that is similar to your field. Getting links with other sites in your field is also good for SEO, especially if you manage to get links without the famous nofollow attribute. Although if the nofollow link (which is useless for SEO), it still helps you get visitors to your site. If you set the placement of your links in visible places on the site with a high volume of visitors, you can get thousands of hits from this link only. If you need a list of sites in your field where you can get backlinks, check out the Backlink Builder Tool. However, be careful if you exchange links because if you connect to the wrong hands, you can suffer losses.

6. Use any opportunity to promote your site for free.

Free promotions are always profitable, so don't be ignored. There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular include free classified ads, directories, go to various lists and so on. It's true that not all of the freeway promotion sites work well, but if you choose the right place to promote your site for free, then that's what you get for amazing visitors.

7. Create a free product or service

The content that gets you the most end is when you offer something useful. There are many types of useful content you can create and rely heavily on your site field. You can have an article with a lot of suggestions or short tips but one of the most potent ways to get visitors is to create a product or service for free. When these products or services are popular and people start visiting your site to pursue the products or services you offer, chances are they will also visit other parts of your site.

8. Use Viral content

Free products and services are great for getting visitors to your site and one of the best types in this aspect is viral content. So-called because the way the spread is similar to viruses, that is, when users like your content, they send it to their friends, post on various sites and promote it for free in a variety of ways. Viral content distributes itself and your task only creates and sends it to some popular sites. After that, the user takes it and distributes it for you. Viral content can be a video or presentation but it can also be a good old article or in the form of an image.

9. Use Offline Promotions

Offline promotion is often forgotten but is also a way to get visitors for free. Nowadays, many people spend more time online than offline, but life still hasn't moved completely in the virtual world. Offline promotion is also very useful if you know how to use it, it can bring a lot of visitors. Some traditional ways of offline to promote your site include printing URL names on your company's business card and souvenirs or written on your company's vehicle. You can also sell T-shirts and other merchandise with your logo and this way makes your brand better known.

10. Include your URL in your Signature

The URL in the forum's signature is also a way to get visitors for free. There is a forum, which gets millions of visitors a day and if you are a popular user on a forum like this, you can use it to get visitors to your site. When you post on forums and people liking your posts, they tend to click on links to your existing site in your signature to learn more about you. Under certain conditions, you can post internal links (links to the inner pages of a site) rather than link to (the main page) of your site and this is also a way to focus attention on a particular page. Unfortunately, internal links are rarely allowed.

Getting visitors for free is a broad topic and it is unlikely that we make a list of all the ways to do it. However, if you know the most important way, that is the way we discuss in this article and you apply it properly, it is guaranteed that you will be able to get a lot of visitors for free.

10 Ways To Get Free Visitors

Youtube is one of the most popular video search engines in cyberspace today. Every visitor who comes to Youtube is presented with a wide variety of videos. Ranging from news, music, sports, entertainment, to the personal vlog of Youtube content creators.

Netizens who visit Youtube usually already know the videos they want to look for. Netizen will directly write down the videos they want to find in the search field. On the other hand, there are a few people who press the trending menu to find out which videos are in-trend. Sometimes we are bored with the trending topics in Youtube Indonesia. The authors will, therefore, share how to change the trending Youtube topics to other countries on Android.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the Youtube app that's on your Android and hit the Youtube trending. Then it will be brought to the look as below screenshot shown.

2. Tap the Youtube account icon located in the top right corner.

3. Once on your Account page, select and press SETTINGS.

4. Select and press GENERAL.

5. Find the Location menu and press the LOCATION you want.

6. After that, it will appear the names of the countries. Find and press the desired country, an United States or a United Kingdom example.

7. Trending topics will change according to the country we press in the settings and the appearance will be transformed into as below screenshot showed.

Many tutorials on how to see trending Youtube topics in other countries using Android. Hopefully useful.

How to view Trending Youtube topics in other countries using only Android

Advertising is a form of promotional activity of a product that is done by the business owner so that the product is purchased. These ads can be self-created by the product owner or even rely on an agency to promote its products.

image: plutsubang(dot)com

Unfortunately, in this digital and sophisticated era, ads are considered to be outdated and do not attract buyers. Not even a few of them are very awkward because these ads are airing on TV, desktop computer screen to mobile.
That's where the idea of marketing content comes from. So what is marketing content? Let's get acquainted with him.

Marketing content is an attempt at a marketing strategy that starts from planning, creating and distributing content in the form of images, video or voice that intends to attract the attention of the target audience, which is then is expected to be a product customer.

In general, content marketing or content Marketing is promotive or for marketing purposes by using different strategies in which promotional ideas are expressed more expressly in them, hidden or not blatantly or explicitly promote the product.

Thus, in particular, there are two objectives of the creation of content marketing for the company, namely:

1. Attracting audiences to get to know your business

2. Invite the audience to become a customer of the product
Some examples that you can see are the big brands of companies that already have social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook or others.

Through that account, we will see various posts that are not on the product but various interesting content such as video, sound or images that make people feel interested to see it.

The post can be entertaining with funny memes, for example, educating or even including inspiring posts as well as emotional posts. In the post, it also sometimes does not even discuss a particular product, because it is not that the direction of marketing content.

New in the next post discussed a specific product that is sometimes associated with the previous post according to the creativity of its marketing creators.
There are several benefits that can be taken from the implementation of marketing content for a company that

1. Long-term

Unlike traditional ads that are generally limited to their promotional time, marketing content is longer promotive. Especially if the content is funny and entertaining, motivating, inspiring and also educational.
Then the content will continue to be used while seeing who made it. That's why promotion through marketing content is much longer in time.

2. Wider

Unlike traditional ads that you have to paste or install yourself in each place, through your company's marketing content will be promoted and assisted by the audience.
Audiences who feel attracted, touched, motivated will surely share that content which also contains information about your company. The result of your company is better known.

3. tend to be cheaper

This one is still a tendency in which marketing content is cheaper traditional Ketimbah marketing. One of the evidence is the sheer number of people who share your content without you having to pay them. Different when you have to advertise on every corner of interest.

4. Bring visitors

Not only for the sake of sale or purchase, but the presence of marketing content will also bring visitors to your site which will increase the value of your store in sales as well as in other purposes such as SEO and Social Media.
Given the importance of it, it is worth it if you are trying to use marketing content.

Marketing Definition of Oarketing Content and Benefits for Business Executors

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