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Youtube is one of the most popular video search engines in cyberspace today. Every visitor who comes to Youtube is presented with a wide variety of videos. Ranging from news, music, sports, entertainment, to the personal vlog of Youtube content creators.

Netizens who visit Youtube usually already know the videos they want to look for. Netizen will directly write down the videos they want to find in the search field. On the other hand, there are a few people who press the trending menu to find out which videos are in-trend. Sometimes we are bored with the trending topics in Youtube Indonesia. The authors will, therefore, share how to change the trending Youtube topics to other countries on Android.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the Youtube app that's on your Android and hit the Youtube trending. Then it will be brought to the look as below screenshot shown.

2. Tap the Youtube account icon located in the top right corner.

3. Once on your Account page, select and press SETTINGS.

4. Select and press GENERAL.

5. Find the Location menu and press the LOCATION you want.

6. After that, it will appear the names of the countries. Find and press the desired country, an United States or a United Kingdom example.

7. Trending topics will change according to the country we press in the settings and the appearance will be transformed into as below screenshot showed.

Many tutorials on how to see trending Youtube topics in other countries using Android. Hopefully useful.

How to view Trending Youtube topics in other countries using only Android

Advertising is a form of promotional activity of a product that is done by the business owner so that the product is purchased. These ads can be self-created by the product owner or even rely on an agency to promote its products.

image: plutsubang(dot)com

Unfortunately, in this digital and sophisticated era, ads are considered to be outdated and do not attract buyers. Not even a few of them are very awkward because these ads are airing on TV, desktop computer screen to mobile.
That's where the idea of marketing content comes from. So what is marketing content? Let's get acquainted with him.

Marketing content is an attempt at a marketing strategy that starts from planning, creating and distributing content in the form of images, video or voice that intends to attract the attention of the target audience, which is then is expected to be a product customer.

In general, content marketing or content Marketing is promotive or for marketing purposes by using different strategies in which promotional ideas are expressed more expressly in them, hidden or not blatantly or explicitly promote the product.

Thus, in particular, there are two objectives of the creation of content marketing for the company, namely:

1. Attracting audiences to get to know your business

2. Invite the audience to become a customer of the product
Some examples that you can see are the big brands of companies that already have social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook or others.

Through that account, we will see various posts that are not on the product but various interesting content such as video, sound or images that make people feel interested to see it.

The post can be entertaining with funny memes, for example, educating or even including inspiring posts as well as emotional posts. In the post, it also sometimes does not even discuss a particular product, because it is not that the direction of marketing content.

New in the next post discussed a specific product that is sometimes associated with the previous post according to the creativity of its marketing creators.
There are several benefits that can be taken from the implementation of marketing content for a company that

1. Long-term

Unlike traditional ads that are generally limited to their promotional time, marketing content is longer promotive. Especially if the content is funny and entertaining, motivating, inspiring and also educational.
Then the content will continue to be used while seeing who made it. That's why promotion through marketing content is much longer in time.

2. Wider

Unlike traditional ads that you have to paste or install yourself in each place, through your company's marketing content will be promoted and assisted by the audience.
Audiences who feel attracted, touched, motivated will surely share that content which also contains information about your company. The result of your company is better known.

3. tend to be cheaper

This one is still a tendency in which marketing content is cheaper traditional Ketimbah marketing. One of the evidence is the sheer number of people who share your content without you having to pay them. Different when you have to advertise on every corner of interest.

4. Bring visitors

Not only for the sake of sale or purchase, but the presence of marketing content will also bring visitors to your site which will increase the value of your store in sales as well as in other purposes such as SEO and Social Media.
Given the importance of it, it is worth it if you are trying to use marketing content.

Marketing Definition of Oarketing Content and Benefits for Business Executors

How to promote the product – one of the key success of creating a great sale is to do a surefire promotion. There are many ways to promote a product that could potentially bring consumers to you. Just not everything is suitable for you to run. Some products have special characters that only match some ways of promoting a particular product.

Here are 15 ways to promote the most powerful products you need to press:
1. Create a discount
2. Bonus
3. Provide coupons
4. Free trial
5. Membership
6. Service services
7. Tips on how to use tutorials
8. Bual Jingle
9. Active in the Forum
10. Use social media
11. Create an ad
12. Create Calendar
13. Upsell
14. Free Shipping
15. Create a Website and Blog
Well... On this occasion, I will try to parse about the 15 ways above. Here are 15 ways to promote products that maybe some of them you can order for your business.

1. Create a discount

This feels the most classic way you've ever been in the world of promotion. But the fact it is still a surefire in bringing buyers. But be careful in placing discount numbers, because when the distance of the discount numbers is too excessive, it could be that your consumers are reluctant to come again when the price is already regular.

2. Bonus

One more classic way that still quite relevant brings consumers. Although sometimes it will only bring in seasonal consumers. That's why it would be better you give your consumers a bonus product that will make them come to buy again. Suppose the bonus CD first series of a series, then by itself consumers will come to buy the next CD Dseri from the series earlier.

3. Provide coupons and vouchers

Now there is a trend to give gifts in the form of coupons or vouchers for a special greeting. You can take part in this positive trend. Those who are rewarded will taste your product and will probably fall in love and become a regular customer.

4. Free Trial

Some manufacturers provide a free trial to allow consumers the opportunity to explore your products. For new products, This way is effective to convince consumers of the quality of your products.

5. Membership

This will make you get loyal customers because they feel that it is hard to become a member, so surely they will take advantage of it. Give a treat and a special price for members, including a referral system that will advance this membership model.

6. Include in-product service

When you sell products that need shipping or installation, this way will effectively attract consumers. Consumers no longer have to bother sending goods or assembling, of course, this can be an added value.

7. Spread tips info and how to use

When a Muslim clothing entrepreneur sells tips on how to wear a hijab slang, they are already selling their products. Because those who look at these tips will try to find the same hijab cloth to trap it.

8. Create jingle

When the ice cream sound of the Walls through the front of the house is almost ensured every little boy will be moved accordingly. This is the miracle of Jingle songs. The song is short and easy to remember, making it an identity as well as a promotional funnel.

9. Follow the Forum 

Being active in a forum will help you find a personal market. Promote smoothly while still keeping friends in the forum. Usually, this way is much more effective.

10. Use social media

In Indonesia, there are two social media giants, Facebook and Twiter. Take advantage of them as a free promotional medium that helps you expand your market and touch your customers directly.

11. Create an ad

Another classic way that is quite potent in introducing product and imaging of the product is to create an advertisement. It's just that generally the cost you have to bear is substantial enough.

12. Create a calendar

This item has a better function than just a pamphlet. Since it has a function as a date marker, consumers are likely to store it, but it at home and keep times see it. In the unconscious, the calendar will embed logos and products in the minds of consumers.

13. Upsell

If your product varies at different prices, then choose the product at the most expensive price with slow sales. Then display this product in an easily visible room so that the visitors will be wondering and curious. This is effectively making consumers interested to explore.

14. Offer FREE Shipping

Why don't you try to offer free shipping bonuses This way will usually bring buyers quickly because they no longer feel the need to be giddy with a fare. Especially Bielsa your business is moving in the field of online business.

15. Create a blog

This recent Blog has become a mutilating trend around the world. You can make use of blogs as media writing to the media for money. Simply capital your persistence to write according to the SEO standards.

15 ways to promote the most powerful products, guaranteed to be Sold Out!!!

On this occasion, we will discuss how to easily Download Pinterest images using Pinterest Web and Android apps. Previously if anyone knew if it was Pinterest?. If not, let's just go through it.

What is Pinterest?
For those of you who don't understand what Pinterest is. Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard where you can upload or upload images to include in categories such as albums or folders that you can customize to your liking.
Looking at its functionality or usability, Pinterest is almost identical to Instagram as a social service site for sharing photos or images, but this site loses much of its features when compared to Instagram which has a myriad of features Interesting and lighter.

However, if you want to download or save a photo, Pinterest here is easier and more practical as there is a direct download menu from the site that can make it easier for you to save the photos you want to your phone gallery.

How to download images or photos on Pinterest

In this article how to download this Pinterest image, I'll give you the way to be two, which is through the Web and Pinterest app instantly.

How to download Pinterest images over the web

The first is through the web. This uses the only browser, without using any application.
  1. Open the browser you want to use (ex: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Browser). If you use Android can use a default browser or Google Chrome.
  2. Log in to the Pinterest website through this link
  3. Sign in using your Facebook or Google account, customize it to your own. If you use it without logging in, you will be given restrictions to access its features.
  4. Go to the home page, where you'll see lots of HD (High Definition) Pinterest images that you can download for free and without limitation. You can take advantage of the search feature to see the image you are looking for and want
  5. Click one of the images you want to download. After that, it will appear several menus in this mode. Click on the third dot in the top left, then click Download Image. 
  6. After that will appear notif download image is in progress. Finished...
  7. If you want more pictures or photos, repeat the steps above from step 3

How to download Pinterest images via an Android app

The second way is to use Android applications. Just like Instagram, Pinterest also has its app that you can download on the Google Play Store. For how to download images through the app is also quite easy, the steps are almost the same as you download them via the Pinterest website.

The steps to download images via Android application are:

  1. Open the Pinterest app that's already installed
  2. Then sign in using your active Google or Facebook account
  3. Select the image that appears on the Pinterest home page. You can use the search feature to get the image you're looking for and want
  4. Click one of the images you want to download
  5. After that, select the dots icon in the top left corner of the menu.
  6. Click Download image to save the image to your phone's storage gallery, done,
  7. If you want more pictures, you can repeat the step above from number 3
After that, you can see the result of downloading images through the photo gallery of the album on your mobile device. Select it and use it to your liking.


In terms of results and features is the same as downloading using the Pinterest Web or using the Pinterest app. It's only if you use the Pinterest Android app, you'll get the ease and convenience to download it, whereas if you download it using the Web, you need to log in using a browser at any time you need to log in again If you want to download it at a time.

How to Easily Download Pinterest Images Using The Pinterest Web and Android App

Want to create an English-language blog But there is no capital to buy a paid premium translator tool. Calm down here will I reviewed how to make a blog English with free capital.

Tool Translator Premium (paid) in my opinion is not much different from the free translator tool. The translator is not much different from a paid tool but indeed a premium tool there are more services.

And also I get into bloggers forum making an English blog about whether to buy outside the domain and cannot use blogspot.co.id.

And I found the answer in the forum there is an experienced person he said that the language that is linked to our content that we use and additionally live use international targets can be with meta tags or webmasters.

Below I give you steps to create blog English. First, you've set up or created a blog and you're editing. And after that just make the content of the English language. There are several phases:

Bing Translator: is a free tool to translate articles to English
Check Grammer: It's a free tool to check vocabulary
Check Plagiarism: is a free tool to check the Copas or unique articles

Here are the stages of making the content of English with free modal discussion:

Translate Articles/Content

  • You already have an Indonesian article at least 500 words to be transliterated.
  • Visit this web www.bing.com/Translator 
  • Copy the article in the Indonesian column and translate it to English
  • After you have finished the copy of the English article

Check Grammer

  • Visit this web smallseotools.com/grammar-checker paste the article into the Grammer-Cekker column
  • My checklist is not a robot (Captcha)
  • And click on Check Grammer and wait for the process to complete
  • After completion of checking the result section grammar
  • Then there will be words marked, just click the marked Word and repair until no word is marked again.
  • Copy all articles after the marked word is corrected

Check Plagiarism

  • Visit this web smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker
  • Past press the resulting article that has been corrected the grammar and past press in the provided column
  • Complete the Captcha
  • And click Check Plagiarism and wait for the process to finish
  • And below will appear loading complete 100 & Checked

Make sure your articles get 70%-100% Unique
And if plagiarism is below 70% then your article should be corrected and fix the marked word.

The checking of PLAGIARISM, translate, and grammar is a maximum of 1,000 words so if the article said buddy above 1,000 words then you live to translate 1,000 words first and then you translate the rest of the article said.


If your article is from Word or wants to be posted before that Paste in Notepad first because after the supplied press in Notepad it will be a default and undetectable Copyright.

Easy Way to Create an English-Language Blog to Earn Dollars

For someone who is still public in the blogging world and who still writes articles or posts with no good supplemental science, surely ask questions on how to make the article I wrote it is on the page to one on google or Page one.

Well, for those who have difficulty in finding keyword or keywords for the article title so much to be asked and click, this article is very suitable for those of you who do not know how to research or find the most searched keyword.

The need for keyword research for articles is to have articles that we post with the title or keyword that we publish to be on the page of Google Page one or more than the number of posts on the top of the Google search engine. Let's discuss the summary Below so check out the good.

According to Wikipedia, Keyword is a word that has a special meaning that any word is used as a key and is used to connect to the word line or other information.

The mention of a keyword according to SEM means a word used to find a Web page that corresponds to the keyword used.

So if someone typed a keyword on google or search engine it will display a webpage that matches the keyword being typed. The example I typed the "Secret Google Adsense list" Then I search and appear on a Web page with the title and content regarding the secret of registering Google Adsense.

And the top position page is the keyword of those web pages that get page one and number 1 on Google.

After knowing the benefits of keyword research and its use of a keyword, we will now review how to find the keyword or keyword most searched on Google.

Here I give a tool/tool to find a free keyword so I will only discuss the FREE keyword search tool I use. Here are some free keyword research tools.

1. Google Search Auto Suggestion

Google Auto Suggestion is when we type a keyword in the search field then the keyword suggestion will appear under the Google search field that matches the topic of the keyword you input. For example, I typed the "Rahasian Adsense list" then under the search field will appear keyword suggestions from Google. You can enter the Keyword in google.co.id

And the keyword suggestion is what we can refer to be the title of our article. Because keyword suggestion of Google is a keyword that people often use when they typed the keyword Google.


Trufio is a free tool for searching or researching keywords that are many or often used. I also use this tool because it is free and the keyword results are very good to be a keyword of our post.

You can register Trufio HERE and after registering in the Keyword menu and there are already steps to find the Keywordnya.


Keywordtool.io tool is also free to search or research the results of keywords that are we typed. And also the feature is quite complete here we are not able to search for KEYWORD only for search Goole. But here can also search for keywords for Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and App Store.

You can register Keywordtool.io HERE and after registering you can already start to research keywords enter a common keyword.


KEYWORDREVEALER here is also a free tool for searching and researching keywords and also the features that this KEYWORDREVEALER has complete. Here we can search for keywords for several locations and discuss the ones used.

And here also available features such as CPC, profit, Word and other. So here we know the results of keywords that we carry have a profit around how and also CPC how so very limiting when you research the keyword.

And that's some tools for finding and researching keywords that I use myself and prove to be very helpful. And the keyword is just one of the supporters and the most important is the content of the post.

And that's how reviews on how to find the most popular keywords and hopefully the articles above are beneficial to all of us and add to our horizons especially in the blogging world.

How to Find The Best Keywords Popular on Google

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